Medical Social Media is not a “one size fits all” space. The most effective campaign manager understands the nuances of your specialty and uses that knowledge to maximize results. The success of a campaign is measured by the number of prospective patients (PPs) who translate from a “target” viewer on social media to an initial consultation.

Detailed below you will find a simplified view of the process.

  • Target appropriate prospective patients (PPs)
  • Interest PPs with useful information
  • Blog
  • Draw prospective patients (PPs) to your website for more information
  • Draw PPs to call office to schedule an initial consultation
  • The website should tell a story, taking PPs on a journey to learn more and gain trust in you and your practice.
  • Most important is to translate prospective patients (PPs) to initial consultations
  • Metrics are used to monitor campaign efficacy and measure ROI

An intelligently conceived Medical Social Media campaign will ensure that you reach a greater number of targeted quality patients via a medium with which they are most comfortable. Those include:

Effective social media marketing will give prospective patients (PPs) the opportunity to follow your page, add to a discussion that shows your experience & expertise, ultimately driving them to your website and to call your office for an initial consultation.

Your prospective patients want to hear of your credentials, approach to medicine, testimonials, expertise and news about modern medicine. Social media is your channel to the public and you control the content. An effective plan is critical, separating practices that use social media like professionals from practices that set up social media accounts without specific goals.

Let us work on a medical social media plan for you and we will show you how an effective social media campaign can:

  • Focus your priorities to meet your goal; gain new quality patients
  • Gain attention from new prospective patients
  • Share news, views and updates with your patients and peers
  • Show the public that your practice is engaged with them and cares about their views

The internet has become the preferred platform for the public to gain confidence in medical providers. As a medical practitioner, trust and confidence are the two greatest attributes you have for gaining new patients. Use the power of medical social media marketing to position you and your practice as leading experts in your field.