Ferrari Med provides high-end video marketing services for physicians, surgeons, and medical practices. Our seasoned videographers will direct, shoot, and edit television-quality video content that highlights your unique medical services, surgical procedures, clinic, and staff members. These videos will be instrumental in enhancing your patients’ in-office experience, and in preparing presentations or speaking at conventions. Videos are also a crucial part of your digital marketing plan with Ferrari Med.

Medical marketing videos give potential patients an inside look into your practice. Whether you’re a general practitioner or an oncologist, a pediatrician or a neurosurgeon, medical marketing videos are extremely important in helping you grow your patient base.

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

On social media, video marketing content generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined—1200%! If you aren’t engaging your audience with promotional video content, then you aren’t turning viewers into patients. Many potential patients scope out a practice’s online presence before even scheduling a first time visit. Adding a video to this online presence will help in the following ways:


Gone are the days of interpersonal sterility within the medical world. Videos are a great way to show off the personality of you and your staff.


For patients who are considering major or minor surgery or other serious procedures, they want to know they are in good hands with you. Emotional engagement is key, and videos are the best way to connect with potential patients on a more personal level.


Show off your clinic’s locations and amenities! Getting a comprehensive look at all that your practice has to offer is a great way to engage your viewers and get them excited about coming in for a visit.

Does My Medical Practice Need a Video?

There are many reasons why medical professionals like you choose Ferrari Med’s video marketing services.

  • Staff Introductions: Patients want to get to know you and your staff! Video content offers the opportunity to introduce the smiling faces they will meet in person.
  • Patient Testimonials: Real patient testimonials lend credibility to any practice. Our videographers will work with patients who are excited to speak on camera about their successes and experiences with your services.
  • Chiropractic and Physical Techniques:  One of the key components of video marketing is offering your viewers content they can use. If you are a chiropractor or physical therapist, video content can help illustrate the techniques that make your services unique, and can also provide patients with quick, at-home exercises that will encourage them to come in for full treatments.
  • Surgical Procedures: Medical video marketing is the perfect way to showcase real surgeries through appropriate content outlets. These videos will be useful for sharing with patients and contemporaries alike.
  • Technique and Technology: Does your office offer unique techniques and advanced technology that set you apart from your competitors? Ferrari Med can help you highlight your specialties with high-quality video content.

How Can I Use My Videos?

Social Media

Get your viewers interested in your practice and services by sharing your marketing videos online. Remember, videos gain 1200% more shares than text and images content combined.

On Your Website

Your website will stand out with a professional television quality video that speaks to your future patients.

In Your Office

Educate, comfort and even entertain patients in the waiting room with unique videos.

Presentations and Conventions

Impress other industry professionals and potential partners by going above and beyond with in-depth, technical video content.